Oscar Lopez, CFP®

Meet Oscar Lopez, CFP®, Senior Financial Advisor, Tejas Financial Advisors

Oscar learned the value of helping others from his dad and carried that attitude into his career as an advisor, which led to great things. Watch the video below to hear his story.

Laredo, TX
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Has your car ever broken down? If so, you know firsthand the sinking feeling of "What do I do now?" Imagine how it would feel to see someone pulling over to help. When Oscar Lopez was a child, he saw his father be that kind of guy.

This instilled in Oscar a sense of service and a yearning to help others. After many years of advising clients, he's now seeing all the service—savings and education plans, IRAs, and other retirement plans—come to fruition for his clients.

Learn more about Oscar and what continues to drive him today.



We grew up, my mom and dad had seven children. I was one of seven. I was the middle child. And we never felt poor, but we didn't have a lot of money.

And my dad was the kind of man that would always pull over to help anyone who was stranded on the side of the road, flat tire, broken down, out of gas. 

Without failure, my dad would offer assistance and help. And it was that whole service attitude—my dad was very much like that.

That kind of instilled in me a wanting to help others. So, when I found out that I could do that, and also do this job and make money, it was like the perfect job for me, right?

I think I was drawn to this this field, this career, because of the opportunity to be in charge of how much money I made. In doing so, I fell into the love of helping others. And that became my "why," if you will: helping others. 

And now that I've been in the business long enough, because this is over 38 years, you really see what's come to fruition of helping people start a savings plan, a college plan, a retirement plan, IRAs. 

I remember clearly being a 24-year-old financial advisor and talking to people about putting $2,000 into an IRA, which was the limit back then, and describing the characteristics of the IRA and telling them, you know, it has to stay there to a 59 and a half. And thinking to myself, as I'm saying that, "Oh, my God, that's so far down the road."

But thinking that, you know, who's going to keep their money there all that time? And, of course, I did. I put my money in my company 401(k) plan. 

But going back to, you know, the "why," it became very important. It helped me a lot that I was helping others.

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