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Commonwealth CIO, Brad McMillan.

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  • Ready to quit the wirehouse? Factor in these 3 challenges. Are you thinking about breaking away from your wirehouse? Unsure where to start? Nancy DiBattista, senior vice president, transition and field development operations, says planning and preparation are critical. Learn what to do, so you're ready when the time comes to start the business you've always dreamed of. Financial Planning, 09/23/21

  • 6 Steps to Maximize Client Retention When Making a Career Move. Breakaway advisors don’t have to choose between independence and client retention. Nancy DiBattista, senior vice president, transition and field development operations, outlines how advisors can leave the wirehouse without leaving their clients behind. Barron's, 09/21/21

  • Breaking Away? Expect the Unexpected. There's more to breaking away from the wirehouse than paperwork. It's an emotional journey, too. David Israel, vice president, field outreach, tells advisors how to prepare for this major career change. Financial Advisor, 09/21/21

  • Commonwealth Snags Former Dynasty CCO to Lead RIA Compliance. In an interview, Paul Tolley, managing principal, compliance, discussed the recent hire of Alex Hansen, senior vice president, RIA compliance, sharing: “With the continuation of our advisors' move to fee-only—whether that's through our corporate RIA or RIA-only—it's important that we ensure we've got the infrastructure, the leadership, and support that provides those advisors with the compliance consulting services they need.”, 09/21/21

  • ESG Viewed as a Huge Opportunity for Advisors. Karen DiStasio, vice president, retirement consulting services, discusses Commonwealth's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts and how we've recently incorporated ESG analysis into our wealth management programs. National Association of Plan Advisors, 09/15/21

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