Mark Bossey & Ryan Marini

Meet Mark Bossey, CFP®, AIF®, and Ryan Marini, CMFC®, AIF®, Managing Partners, BostonPremier Wealth

Breaking away to become an independent advisor isn't easy. But when Mark and Ryan teamed up, they knew they could build something big together—and have fun doing it. Watch the video below to see how their story unfolded.

Hanover, MA
Business Model:

When Mark and Ryan first met, they immediately hit it off and joked about starting their own business as independent advisors. The idea took hold because they wanted to work for their clients, not the interests of a firm. Making the leap was no laughing matter, but they're clearly happy with the decision. So are their clients. Here's what they learned along the way.



You want to start, since you? Yeah, so we met at our old firm, and right away, we hit it off. And we started talking together early on going out on our own and doing our own, running our own company. And it just kind of evolved as kind of a joke. And then it became serious, and then we did it. 

Man. Whose idea was that? Was that you? It was me. That was mine. You know, when you open your own business and start your own business, it's just a different feel. Your whole marketing is just different because it's yours. It's not for somebody else. Before, I was working for someone else, trying to qualify for a fancy trip and health insurance. 

Now, I want to build an enterprise. You know, I want to build a business. You know, when we left and went into the independent world, you jump into this big ocean, so you actually have to be, you have to know more. You have to be more professional. You have to know your stuff. 

And I think that light went off pretty quickly. But we liked it. We embraced it, and we were determined to grow. And people want to help you when they know it's yours, and your motivation is different because it's yours. It's your business. You are a small business owner. And I think it's important. We do tell our story to our clients, and our clients know too, you know. Well, a lot of them know where we came from and what we're, where we are now. 

And we're not flashy or anything, but it's, you know, the clients want to see you succeed. They want their advisor to be successful, and, in turn, they'll be successful. And I think that's important. That a wrap?

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