Sumedha Malhotra

Meet Sumedha Malhotra, CFP®, Financial Planner, Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc.

Sumedha brought with her more than a decade of experience in the banking and financial services industry when she joined Armstrong, Fleming & Moore. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, she focuses on providing comprehensive financial planning and developing strong client relationships.

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A resource you can reach out to 

With clients' financial planning needs becoming more complex, Sumedha's role calls for a strong backup from Commonwealth's team of specialists. Sumedha relishes helping her clients reach their goals. "I feel happy helping people know that whatever hard work they've done, it gets validated. At the end, this is the biggest goal for everyone. Helping clients see that picture is beautiful." Here’s how Commonwealth's dedicated teams help keep Sumedha's focus where it counts: on her clients.


How would you describe Commonwealth's Advanced Planning team? 

Every member of the team has expertise in a certain segment of the financial planning world. I consider myself a generalist who supports about five advisors on the back end, and in front of me, I have this whole team of people that I can easily approach if I'm ever stuck. Whether it's a social security-related question or a question about required minimum distributions, the Advanced Planning team is a great resource to reach out to and ask questions. It lets me do more planning work, giving me more time to focus on each client.

Legal documents can be tricky. There are nuances that I'm not aware of, so having somebody qualified in my extended office to review them is always helpful. It frees up my time to do other things.


What stands out for you in working with Commonwealth's home office staff? 

The happiness and helpfulness I see in people. Everybody at Commonwealth has been there for several years and they enjoy their work, which is why they choose to work there for so long. That's reflected in the way they interact with people. They want to make sure that we, as their clients, are happy and satisfied. They try to be the best resource on the back end for anything we need and that's always appreciated. I feel valued. If you call, you're taken care of. The happiness and peacefulness are what I also see with the advisors and paraplanners I work with. Nobody is stressed about calling Commonwealth to get a task done. There's an ease in our office because there's never a fire drill because Commonwealth missed something.

Sumedha Malhotra, Armstrong, Fleming & MooreWith Commonwealth since 2019

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How has Commonwealth's leadership surprised you?

Receiving an email from the CEO with the cell phone numbers of all his partners so we can reach out to them as we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic―that's not something you would see at another firm. They're so open to interaction and so receptive to suggestions and concerns. They actually want to be involved on the front lines of solving issues. It makes me feel good that everybody is approachable at the firm. Nobody's sitting in there behind glass walls. Even sending disposable face masks to our office—Commonwealth didn't have to do it. It's something really small, but the gesture does go a long way.

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