Lan J. Shaw

Meet Lan J. Shaw, CFP®, CEPA®, Founder and Principal, Vision Private Wealth

After immigrating to the U.S., Lan was determined to help people facing big life changes improve their financial futures. Watch the video below to hear her story.

Alameda, CA
Business Model:
Dual Registration

When Lan came to the U.S., she discovered her passion for wealth planning when a few of her best friends were laid off suddenly from their tech jobs. As she watched them struggle with their new realities, Lan realized she was uniquely poised to help them feel more in control by using her knowledge and life experiences. Watch her story to find out how she arrived at this inflection point.



It really has been a long journey 'till I knew that I wanted to be a financial advisor. I was born and raised in China, and my family and I, we went through a lot. 

From there, I just knew there was a greater future for me than being born and being raised in a third-world country. So that really opened the door for me to see what a first world looks like for me—as a little girl, I always, always wanted to have that. 

And at that moment, I wanted to be part of this first world because I deserved it. So fast forward, I went and got myself an MBA in England—and then got a job offer here in this country as a business consultant. 

So, I start my life here in this country just a little over 20 years ago. From there, fast forward seven years into that consulting work, a few of my best friends actually all got laid off from the tech company. 

That moment really woke me up. Here is a huge change in their life that they were not asking for. From that point, I just knew—there's something I wanted to do for them. 

I can use all the experience I have as a business consultant working for the Fortune 500 companies. I can help you as individuals, as business owners. 

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